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Entertainment Center, Torun

Location of the center faces the city walls of Torun old town – the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Modest in its exterior it stands out also for exciting design of its awarded interiors. The two entry yards surround ancient oaks in respectful touch of original layout and in addition a city piazza is created in its setting.  The development boasts 12 cinema halls, seating over 2,400, equipped in the latest of sound, 2D and 3D projection technologies. Aside from securing the site, the creation of its setting, architecture and interiors; all other designs, the realization with tendering, execution and supervision was all the way under personal management of the author. Since 2008, the center attracted millions appreciating its offer as main place of entertainment and socializing in the city until today.

Entertainment Center, Torun – Poland / an investment by CINEMA CITY POLAND
© PAWEL W GRALINSKI 2008 (2005 –2008) 8.000 m² GBA

Entertainment Center, Torun – Poland