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Horse Race Apartments

Sluzewiec – Warsaw horse race tracks are not necessarily as famed as Ascot, but it is a place of noble tradition in immediate neighborhood to the site of the project. This is the direct reason for many details of throughout design and bearer of responsibility to its name. The tracks inevitably keep huge area in town free of any buildings other than few stands and maintains it whole lively green giving inhabitants feeling of living by the edge of vast and for the fact of it  -conservator protected park. The conditions of the site outcome two separate buildings in varied height, together forming residential complex harmonious with its environment, understated, yet of character. It has been always admired by its inhabitants for its functionality, and overall ambiance; detail and original design.

Horse Race Apartments, Warsaw – Poland / an investment by RONSON
© PAWEL W GRALINSKI 2005 (2000 – 2005) 26.000 m² GBA

Horse Race Apartments,
Wyscigowa – Granitowa St., Warsaw – Poland