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b.1961. Studied in Poland. In 1984 moved to Oslo, Norway, where he stayed until 1998 practicing under his own name.

His worldwide – awarded design of shopping and entertainment center Sadyba Best Mall brought him back to Warsaw, wherefrom he continues until today not only as an architect, but also as manager of realizations of his own designs.

Since 2014 the practice extended with number of ambitious designs and engagement in the continent of Africa.

He is driven by mission to enhance surroundings of man, always aiming beyond in creation of outstanding original designs with passion for detail and in pivotal sensitivity to the spirit of place.

The proportions of golden ratio are always underlaying in harmony of his designs, which can be everything from innovative use of traditional language and materials to utterly modernistic avant-garde.

His signature creations include widely admired Art Gallery & Auction House DESA Unicum (2017), House Under The Stars (2017), Vogla Place neighborhood center (2015), Warsaw University Center of New Technologies (2013), Residence Konstancin (2008) or popular Sadyba Best Mall (2000) bestowed with worldwide award by ISCS in year 2002 to mention a few.