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CeNT – Center of New Technologies

The grand entrance is at the east of the lobby while to the west it is enclosed by lower volume of shielded computer center. The undulating lobby is covered with fan shaped skylight and framed by two similarly waved buildings in varied height. There are the highest cleanliness class laboratories, lecture halls, office areas and all needed functions. The installations are the most sophisticated. The sculpture of granite blocks with scientific formulas in front of the complex like whole of the setting, harmonious – but sparking architecture and details: all manifest timeless vision of the author and attention to human scale. The inner space is one of the most admired at Warsaw University. The leaning spire by the author in front of the building reflects infinite strive for knowledge and perfection.


CeNT, Banacha 2C, Warsaw – Poland / investor WARSAW UNIVERSITY / EU
© PAWEL W GRALINSKI 2013 (2002 – 2013) 23.000 m² GBA

CeNT (Center of New Technologies), Banacha 2C,
Warsaw University, Warsaw – Poland