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Cinema City Arkadia

Arkadia is the biggest shopping and entertainment center in capital of Poland with over 20 million visitors annually. It boasts one of the most advanced multiplexes with impeccable sound, 2 – 3D and 4DX® of the most advanced of projection technologies in 15 cinema halls, each with individual touch, seating over 2,800 viewers in total. The main lobby is an axial composition with use of strong colors in boldly and originally sculpted volumes. Aside from his design of architecture and interior; all technical designs and the full and demanding process of realization with tendering, execution and supervision were all the way under personal management of the author.

Over the years the cinemas attracted millions of dedicated audience.

Cinema City Arkadia, Warsaw – Poland / an investment by CINEMA CITY INTL
© PAWEL W GRALINSKI 2004 (2001 – 2004) 7.000 m² GBA

Cinema City Arkadia, Warsaw – Poland