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Cinema City Gemini

Hugely popular, located in shopping center Gemini in city of Bielsko Biala in south of Poland. Yet another design of the author making it to stand out. 10 airconditioned cinema halls, each with individual design, seating together over 1,500 viewers with perfect sound and latest of 2D and 3D projection technology. The halls are surrounding spectacular interiors of public areas of the cinema and its main lobby; once again with impressive signature design.

Aside from design of captivating architecture and interiors; the technical designs, the process of realization execution and its supervision were all the way under personal management of the author. Over the years millions of cinema goers have appreciated the amusement of the big screen in this welcoming setting.

Cinema City Gemini, Bielsko – Poland / an investment by CINEMA CITY INTL
© PAWEL W GRALINSKI 2009 (2007 – 2009) 4.000 m² GBA

Cinema City Gemini, Bielsko – Poland