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House Under the Stars

Baptized by the author “The House Under the Stars” its architecture places it among most decent and outstanding designs of its time. The building is masterly sculpted securing sun operation for neighboring buildings while providing optimal exposure to its own apartments. From all of 79 rosettes in the façade each is individually designed and meticulously carved in noble stone of travertine. There are curving balconies, banisters and details of glass canopies to mention just a few.

The ignorance of developer devastated interiors, which were not done to coherent and unique design of the author. Yet, the architecture of the building created an epic connection between signature, romantic modernism of the author and heritage of pre-war Warsaw expressed in most original of designs.

House Under the Stars, 5 Huculska St., Warsaw – Poland / investor KDS-KDP
© PAWEL W GRALINSKI 2017 (2010 – 2017) 8.500 m² GBA

House Under the Stars,
5 Huculska St., Warsaw – Poland