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Manufaktura Entertainment Center

In Manufaktura, the biggest destination mall of Lodz city the cineplex provides the key entertainment element and main reason for international awards given in recognition of whole of development. It boasts 15 cinema halls, seating over 2,500 in total, the latest of sound, 2 – 3D and 4DX® projection technologies including 4th IMAX® Theatre in Poland by the author. The halls are surrounding two levels of awesome signature interiors of public areas of the cinema and its main lobby. Aside from designing of architecture and interior: all technical designs, process of realization and its supervision were all the way under personal management of the author. Opened in 2006, the cinemas have attracted millions appreciating the mystery of the big screen and ambience of this unique place.

Manufaktura Entertainment Center, Lodz – Poland / investor CINEMA CITY INTL
© PAWEL W GRALINSKI 2006 (2003 – 2006) 11.000 m² GBA

Manufaktura, Entertainment Center, Lodz – Poland