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Point 44, Entertainment Center

This prime leisure center of Katowice rejuvenated its area and brought an offer of entertainment yet not seen: seating 2,800; 13 screen cinema incl. 2nd IMAX® Theatre in central and eastern Europe, bowling, coffee shops and more. Thoughtful design provided friendly public park, resplendent, unique interiors and architecture of building in original detail and materials. Contemporary, yet humble it has become integral part of its surroundings.

Aside from design of whole setting, landscaping, complete architecture & interior, engineering & technical installations: the whole process of realization preparation, tendering & execution was under personal management of the author.

Over the years the center has attracted millions offering unforgettable time of leisure.

Point 44, Ent. Center, Gliwicka 44, Katowice – Poland / investor I.T. INTL BV
© PAWEL W GRALINSKI 2002 (1998 –2002) 12.000 m² GBA

Point 44, Entertainment Center, Katowice – Poland