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Residence Konstancin

One of the most beautiful houses in the world and the ultimate manifest of author’s unique architecture and creativity. Gently low-rise, understated, yet with fully functional attic. The pool side interior in full height to the ridge, length occupied by grand living room with two open fireplaces. The original layout envelopes around courtyard with interiors visible across in movement and light. Kitchen and living room are facing both inner patio and outside with experience of light from sunrise to the sunset. The patio softly, but firmly bends cosmic energy into the interior, and all over proportions, architecture and details strike unique balance and harmony. Original in every way, the architecture, all details, use and application of each material – all conceived in path of creation. It speaks for itself.

Residence, Konstancin Jeziorna – Poland / PRIVATE INVESTOR
© PAWEL W GRALINSKI 2008 (2005 – 2008) 900 m² GBA

Residence, Konstancin Jeziorna – Poland