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Vinterbro Center

Located east of Oslo Fjord the center serves catchment of well populated suburban area.  Offering complete experience of shopping added coffee shops and restaurants it is located just few hundred meters from Tusenfryd (Thousand Joys) amusement park – a known and popular destination for family entertainment in the region of greater Oslo. The center was revolutionary for its application of fantasy as expressed in realized interior designs to meticulous and utterly original creation of the author as forever immortalized in his sketches. His design of colorful brick façade was even compared to slots of Las Vegas and it is satisfying when projects live life of its own and inspires people. Bestowed with his signature attention to detail the center was an admired gift to the public.

Vinterbro Center, Vinterbro – Norway / an investment by STEEN & STROM
© PAWEL W GRALINSKI 1995 (1992 –1995) 65.000 m² GBA

Vinterbro Center, Vinterbro – Norway